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ABSTRACT: Post globalization, domestic industry in DCs and LDCs, their economy, industry seem to be collapsing, sort of apoptosis, a programmed death. Although it is impossible to reverse the events, it is certainly possible to assert sovereign power by each and every subject of the nation and more specifically those involved in administration of IPR. Text of the law should be interpreted in context of its evolution so as to regulate the nation.

Entities from developed world have strong financial muscle and are skilled in IPR game for many decades. They are monopolizing sectors of vital importance in DCs and LDCs and will cause suffocation of domestic industries. Domestic industries must know on real time basis in full about the progress of IP and patents in their country to secure areas for monopolization or to dilute wrongly granted or inappropriately enforced patents.

Transparency in IP office and in patent offices, their publications is of utmost importance to developed country or DC or LDC in Knowledge economy. This transparency is necessary to allow domestic industry to perform fearlessly to keep itself aligned with sovereign priorities. To ensure survival of domestic industry base, to erect and install solid industry, to strengthen domestic economy, to ensure better distribution and redistribution of wealth within the nation and to augment employment, various elements of subject population should consolidate and raise their voice so that IPR is administered for the reason for which it received social recognition and sovereign approval. Awake and arise, prioritize your nation first.

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Milind Sathe, Institute of Intellectual Property Studies in Mumbai

Milind V. Sathe holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy (first class) and a Bachelor of Law, both from the University of Bombay (second class), serving as an intellectual property agent authorized by the Government of India and currently occupying the position of Deputy General Manager in IPM and Projects in Unichem Laboratories Limited. He also holds a PhD on Law from the Harley School of Law, having also obtained the following degrees in the post-graduate level: Diploma in Business Management at the Welingkar Institute; Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Management & Health Plan at the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in Pune; Post Graduate Diploma in Patent Law and Practice at the Institute of Intellectual Property Studies in Mumbai. 






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SATHE, M. AMBIGUITIES IN IP OFFICE – AN APOPTOSIS IN KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY (KE) – PROGRAMMED DEATH OF ECONOMY, INDUSTRY OF A NATION. Revista de Estudos Jurídicos da UNESP, Franca, v. 17, n. 26, 2014. DOI: 10.22171/rej.v17i26.1266. Disponível em: Acesso em: 16 jun. 2024.



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